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Secure, Simple to Use, Limited Partner (LP) Reporting

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Ardent Services LLC Investment Relations Management Application (IRM) Financial Web Application

At Ardent, our ten years of experience collaborating with our financial clients has given us insight to develop the Investment Relations Management (IRM) Web application.

IRM's simple interface allows users complete control over client contact information, LP reporting (complete with client notification via email or mobile device), posting monthly account balances for alternative investment firms, or simply allowing for a very flexible, yet secure (SSL encrypted) environment where directories are created with an available 6 levels of security. Operated under a standard Application Service Provider lease agreement, all of the software, hosting, maintenance is controlled by Ardent Services LLC. This is a turn-key, outsource solution for your firm, yet the interface is custom developed to match your existing corporate Web site.

Below we examine the process and features of the Web application step-by-step:

1.) Investor Contact Management (mouse over the image below to expand)

Manage all individual client contact information on this simple form such as their organization/employer, username and password credentials and even notification preferences.

IRM enables email, mobile and/or fax notification upon the upload of a document to an accessible directory. Upon the upload of each individual document the Administrator can determine whether notifications are to be sent, and only those individuals with notification selected in their credentials will then receive the notification.

Six levels of access to individual directories is also defined at the bottom. Assigning the access level structure is entirely up to you, typically access levels are assigned:

"0" = No access/the directory is hidden from the view of that Contact
"1" = Access to the most insensitive documents/general marketing documents
"2" = More privileged information, perhaps for a prospective investor
"3" = Investor-only privileged files
"4" = Fund Employees
"5" = Senior Fund Manager Content
"6" = Application Administrator/Superuser, typically one person in the firm

Under this system, the firm can store any number of documents, of varying security, in one directory. Or individual directories or subdirectories can be created to hold documents of a specific security level. We examine the process of creating directories next.

2.) Create Any Number of Directories/Subdirectories

IRM allows you to create an unlimited number of directories and/or subdirectories. And there are two kinds of directories which can be used:

Dissemination Directories for holding a variety of uploaded content. Such content is always posted by the Administrator.

Collaboration Directories allowing users the ability to potentially post files, and/or comments. Collaboration directories are defined as either "read" (seen below in blue) or "write" (seen below in blue with the pencil icon next to it) to contacts with access to the directory.

Access to a created directory is discussed further next.

3.) Assign Investor Access to the Directory (6 Potential Levels)

Similar to Contact access discussed earlier, when a directory is created individual Contact access must be defined for it. Therefore a list of all Contacts created follows the creation of the directory and the Administrator defines a level for each.

4.) Upload a Document and Assign its Access Level

Once the Contacts and directories are in place, it is time to populate the structure with files. Simply browse to the file locally that will be uploaded, assign a display name which is what will be visible to users (that's right, you don't have to rename all of your files if you are using an office naming convention), select the document's access level as discussed previously, and upload the file. At this time you can also determine if you would like a notification sent to those who request one in their Contact profile.

5.) Assigning a Document to Directory

Upon upload of the file, it must be assigned to one or more directories. Simply place a check in the box where the document should reside.

6.) Fund Managers Update Capital Balances with a Simple File Upload

For alternative investment firms capital balance reporting is done by uploading a single Excel file. Our team collaborates with you to create a single upload process to populate an SQL data table, and your Limited Partners will instantly have an updated balance upon login. Its that simple.

7.) Conclusion: A Custom Experience For Each of Your Investors.

You're in control, but we are here to help every step of the way.